Elite Technical Solutions Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Elite Recovery

Elite has designed a program to help small to medium size businesses develop an affordable Disaster Recovery Solution. We all know the importance of having a Disaster Recovery Plan. Yet many businesses don't have a reliable plan in place, and some have no plan at all. Most small to mid size businesses can't afford the options that have been available to them, until now. Let Elite show you how you can implement a reliable, cost effective, Disaster Recovery Plan. Your business relies on your IT Infrastructure. A disaster of any kind can cost you lost revenue, and potential customers. Can your company really afford not to have a reliable Disaster Recovery Plan? Let Elite Keep Your Business in Business.

Hardware Support

Dell support

EMC support
• Clariion
• Symmetrix

Fujitsu support
• Primepower

IBM support
• AS/400
• RS/6000
• iSeries
• xSeries

HP Support
• Alpha
• HPUX Enterprise
• HP9000
• Integrity
• Netservers
• Proliant
• Storage

Sun support
• Sun Enterprise
• Sun Fire