Elite Technical Solutions Support Services

Support Services Overview

Elite Technical Solutions provides hardware and software maintenance for Unix Systems (HPUX, Sun, IBM AIX), Windows-based systems, storage equipment (EMC, Sun, Dell, HP, STK) and Networking equipment (Cisco) throughout North America.

ETS has an established client base and a reputation for exceptional services at very reasonable rates with a 99% retention rate of contract customers.

ETS has been offering high quality support for more than 13 years. Many of our engineers have worked directly for the manufacturers for decades and have the ability to support the latest versions of equipment or legacy systems that the manufacturers no longer support.

At ETS, we work diligently to meet the support goals of our clients, so you can maximize productivity in an efficient and economic manner.

Our Value Proposition is simple yet powerful:
We provide hardware and software support that is equal to, if not better than, what you are used to getting from the manufacturer, for savings that typically range from 30% to 60% annually.

Support Services

• On Site Response
• Self Maintainer
• Proactive Account Support

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Four-Hour Response [Business Hours]

Designed for customers that have high uptime requirements but not around the clock. This support level provides on-site response within 4 hours, depending on location, between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Two-Hour Response [24/7 Hours]

Designed for your most Business Critical Applications, this support level provides the best possible response at every hour, on every day of the year. ETS will arrive on site to begin hardware maintenance within 2 hours for calls received at any time.

Next Day

This is for customers who want the convenience of on-site service, but do not require the uptime. ETS will arrive on site to begin hardware maintenance between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. local time, Monday through Friday, during the next working day after the day a call is received.

Four-Hour Response [24/7 Hours]

Designed for Business Critical Applications, this support level provides response at every hour on every day of the year. ETS will arrive on site to begin hardware maintenance within 4 hours for calls received at any time.

Self Maintainer:

The Self Maintainer program is designed for companies that require support but can not utilize on-site support because of budget constraints, location, or technical expertise. With the Self Maintainer program we do all the heavy lifting while you are merely an extension of our engineers.

When you have a problem with your system, call our support center 24/7. Our engineers will walk you through troubleshooting to determine where the problem lies. Once the problem area is determined, they will guide you through the process of replacing the defective part. It's that simple.

All you do is follow instructions. A high level of technical expertise is not required.

With the On-Site program, we stock parts at your location so when we diagnose the problem, we have you replace the equipment immediately. With the next-day parts program, once the problem area is determined, we will have a part shipped to you the next day. Once the part arrives, we will assist you through the process of replacing it.

Program Benefits:

  • Significantly reduces support costs [as much as 60% less vs. many contracts that are direct with the manufacturer].
  • 24/7 phone support access to Elite's engineers for troubleshooting and as a sounding board in case questions arise.
  • No waiting for engineers to arrive to fix your problem.

Program Benefits

  • Superior customer satisfaction through the on-going, technical account relationship provided by the customer's assigned support engineer.
  • PAS offers features and functionality tailored to customer requirements, resulting in increased flexibility in service delivery.
  • PAS addresses the customer's unique support requirements through the personalized services of an assigned ETS Engineer.
  • PAS can improve your staff's effectiveness by leveraging our technical expertise, extensive infrastructure, and partner alliances.
  • PAS can provide increased confidence and IT effectiveness through improved operations and change management.
  • A shared account support plan spells out the proactive service activities ETS and the customer will execute.
  • PAS will help you maintain best practices, provide shared accountability, and knowledge transfer.
  • Optional delivery days: to be used for on-site knowledge transfer (training), off-site training at ETS, implementation of new products, and general assistance.
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